Thursday, June 9, 2011

Welcome to Nahyeon's Exhibition

I am very proud of my lovely student Nahyeon's diligence and creative work. She worked quietly and independently on her Unit of Inquiry to create this amazing artwork. I was so surprised when she brought it into the classroom at both the beauty of the product and at her application to the task.

I hope that Nahyeon will continue her studies in Art in the United States and will invite me to her exhibitions. hopefully she will also showcase her artwork and the process on her blog.

Congratulations Nahyeon!

Review of English Language Learning Website

2. Click on Vocabulary

3. Click on Wordbased games

4. Click on prefixes- jigwords

I did learn that a prefix  is a word part added to the beginning of a word to create a word with a different meaning. 

Examples : refill (to repeat) , incomplete, precooked, biannual (two), triannual (three),hydroelectric (water) 

I found this website very useful for reviewing my understanding of prefixes but I also realized that it would be better if I chose a harder level.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Final Project

Hi Everyone,

The past term has been quickly and we are nearly at the end of our Unit of Inquiry. As most of you at approaching the 'Synthesis' stage of Blooms Taxonomy it is time to think about how you want to present your final project.

There are lots of different ways to showcase your creative talents in your area of research. Several of you have suggested producing a short video on your topic, while others have suggested creating an original product/plan/recipe. We have decided to exhibit your projects on Monday June 13th and I look forward to celebrating your achievements with you.

Please follow the Blooms guide below as you plan your project and feel welcome to come and see me if you wish to discuss your presentation.

Useful Verbs
Sample Question Stems
Potential activities and products
Can you design a ... to ...?
Why not compose a song about...?
                 Can you see a possible solution to...?
If you had access to all resources how would you deal with...?
Why don't you devise your own way to deal with...?
What would happen if...?
How many ways can you...?
Can you create new and unusual uses for...?
Can you write a new recipe for a tasty dish?
Can you develop a proposal which would...
Invent a machine to do a specific task.

Create a new product. Give it a name and plan a marketing campaign.
Write about your feelings in relation to...
Write a TV show, play, puppet show, role play, song or pantomime about...?
Design a record, book, or magazine cover for...?
Make up a new language code and write material suing it.
Sell an idea.
Devise a way to...
Compose a rhythm or put new words to a known melody.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Interviews on Our Unit of Inquiry

As we are nearing the completion of our Unit of Inquiry using Bloom's Taxonomy, the final assessment task was based on an interview using the questions from my previous post. The video above showcases the talents of Jessica and Nahyeon, two creative Grade 10 students who discuss the interesting projects that have completed.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


Hi Everyone,

Next week, in an effort to help every student achieve a score for Criterion A, as well as to get some important information about your project, I will be interviewing in EAL class this week.

You are to choose three interview questions from the list below and will have 3-4 days to prepare your answers. However, you cannot read anything during the interview, you must SPEAK only. Also, I may ask you other questions if I feel that you are not giving enough information in your answers, so be prepared to answer them.

The interviews will be recorded and posted on both your blog, as well as mine.

Below is a list of ten questions. You will choose THREE questions to answer and let me know what they are. Then, you will write a blog post explaining your choice.

Questions to choose from:

1.) If you could choose your topic again, would you choose the same one, or a different one? Explain why.

2.) If you could re-do any part of your project so far, what would you change and why?

3.) Can you describe some things that you did well, and some things that you could have done better during the project?

4.) Can you describe some problems that you had when completing your tasks for this project? What did you do to try to solve them?

5.) Was this topic easier or harder than you expected it to be when you chose it? Explain why.

6.) What challenges or difficulties did you face during the Knowledge, Comprehension and Application parts of the unit? (This needs three separate answers for each part)

7.) How well did you work on your own, meeting deadlines and getting your work done independently? Explain why you did well, or why you needed to improve.

8.) What have to you learned about yourself as a learner, and about the WAY that you learn through this unit?

9.) Do you think that you have successfully shown your learning through the tasks that you've completed during this unit so far? Explain your answer.

10.) If you were to give a lesson to other students about the best way to learn and to show learning, what would you tell them? Be specific and give details.

Your Blog Post:


Title: UOI Interview With Ms. Gamage

Labels: ESL, UOI, Interview, Criterion A


In this post, you will:

* Describe the three questions that you chose for the interview.

* You will then EXPLAIN why you chose EACH of those three questions (so there should be three explanations in this part)

* Describe what you will do to prepare your answers, STEP BY STEP.

* Predict how you think you will do when giving your interview, and why.

This post should be about two short paragraphs long, and should have good explanations and details for every part.

PLEASE ASK ME if you have any questions at all about this interview.

I hope you enjoy this activity!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Week 7

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are all rested after finishing your exams. Well done! I managed to see most of you
after your exams and listen to your debriefing.

Now it's time to get serious and finish your Unit of Inquiry as we have only 4 weeks until the
end of the school year.

By now you should be at the analysis stage of Bloom's Taxonomy. As part of the process you should completed and posted your comments in the template for each section from Googledocs.

PLease revisit each post and decide what Criterion A-E you would use to assess this post, then
add the Criterion as a label. I will be selecting your best post from each Criterion for your
assessment grade.

Please take care to carefully edit your post in word before posting.

I look forward to reading your blogs this week.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Week 5- Application

Welcome to week 5 of our "Unit Of Inquiry". I am enjoying reading, watching and listening to your
posts. You are a creative and talents group of students.

I am posting some information and suggestions that will guide you as you plan and develop your task
for the next level "Application".


Useful Verbs:

• solve
* show
* use
* illustrate
* construct
* complete
* examine
* classify

Possible Activities:

Illustration (Corel, inkscape, GIMP, Paint, online tools, Comic creation tools - comic life,
historic tale construction kit, hyper comic)

Simulation (Floor map, graphic tools, google sketchup, Crocodile software simulating science

Sculpture or Demonstration (Presentation, graphics, screen capture, audio and video conferencing)

Presentation - impress, Simple DTP product, powerpoint, google presentation, Zoho presentation,
skype, interactive whiteboard collaboration using etools, audio and video conferencing

Interview (Word Processing, mind mapper, podcast, vodcast, audacity, sound recorder, collaboration
using etools, skype)

Performance (Podcast, vodcast, film, audio and video conferencing, VoIP, audio recording, speech,
Powerpoint Show, collaboration using etools)

Editing - video and sound tools, Wiki editing, Simple DTP product. Developing a shared document

Playing - mmorpg's online games, simulations

Start planning and creating.

Good luck!